Handheld Gardening Labelling Machine With Carry Case and AC Adapter

Portable and compact, the GL-200VP is the ideal tool that can be used all-year round for many gardening tasks, and ensures that plants and equipment can be clearly identified.

This "Value Pack" version contains a labelling tape and AC adapter, all housed in a hard-wearing carry case.

Whether you’re down in the greenhouse or potting shed, the handheld GL-200VP garden labeller produces durable, long-lasting labels suitable for indoor our outdoor use.

Key Features

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Labels are resistant to sunlight, frost and water so can be used outdoors
  • Add frames and symbols on your labels
  • Includes tape cassette, AC adapter and carry case
  • Prints 3.5, 6, 9 & 12mm width labels


GL-200VP Handheld Gardening Labelling Machine With Carry Case and AC Adapter

If you love your garden you’ll know just how useful labels can be, from labelling plants to weedkiller in the shed. And the GL-200VP is perfect, producing hard-wearing labels that resist rain, humidity,
heat, frost and fading. You can even change the label design for that extra creative touch!

The GL-200VP can also label anything around the home and home office. DVDs and photo albums that hold your fondest memories and pictures need never be lost or misplaced again. Children will have fun labelling their school belongings - exercise books, pencil cases, rulers & lunchboxes.

And with a wide range of symbols and frames, why not create your own unique labels to personalise gift tags and cards?

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