Profesionalni ručni pisač naljepnica

With its portable handheld design and easy-to-use features, the P-touch 2470 will print wherever and whenever needed, and help organise your workplace by printing durable, high quality, labels in various tape widths and tape colours.

Key Features

  • Large, backlit, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Variety of typestyle and symbols available
  • Built-in barcode printing capability - ideal as a portable label printer for retail or warehouse use
  • Includes tape cassette
  • Prints 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm width labels


PT-2470 Professional Handheld Labelling Machine

The P-touch 2470, with its easy-to-read backlit LCD, built-in cutter and a choice of font type styles and symbols, gives you the ability to print a wide range of labels. As the P-touch 2470 uses tape cassettes up to 24 mm in width, you can include up to 7 lines of text, and even add a barcode should it be required.

Labelling your stationery, files, archives, CD/DVD cases and shelves etc will help improve efficiency around the office by ensuring you find important information quickly. By using the P-touch 2470 to label items in the office, you will find what you want, when you need it, saving time and effort !

The "Label Type" Key can be used to make common labelling tasks easier, such as cable identification, vertical  labelling and general labelling.

Powered by batteries for ultimate portability, or by optional AC adapter for when at your desk, the P-touch 2470 is an invaluable tool for any office environment.

Specification Details

Značajke i specifikacije

Vrsta noža Pun
Zaslon LCD s pozadinskim osvjetljenjem
Dizajn kućišta Ručni držač
Vrsta tipkovnice ABC
Najveći broj znakova na naljepnici 200
Memorijske lokacije 10
Broj tipki 56
Postavke uređaja (mm / inči) Da
Korisnički priručnik Da
Jamstveni list Da
Format bloka Da
Okviri 15
Format crte Da
Simboli 164
Poravnanje teksta Centralno, Obostrano poravnanje, Lijevo, Desno
Uspravni ispis Da
Okviri 15
Usmjerenje naljepnice Vodoravna, Okomito
Simboli 164
Prepoznavanje veličine trake Da
Poravnanje teksta Centralno, Obostrano poravnanje, Lijevo, Desno
Oblikovanje slova Podebljano, Kurziv, Normalno
Uspravni ispis Da

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